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Bad Bubble

Synth Dream Pop

Driven by the depths of the human condition, experiences creatively intertwined with years of meticulous planning and preparation, the artistic integrity of Bad Bubble is second to none. 

Beginning in 2022, the Bad Bubble repertoire of multiple albums, EPs and singles would emerge piece by piece, slowly presenting a boldly original journey in both substance and style. 

Captivating audiences far and wide with his genre-blending fusion of electronica, synthpop and new wave, the prolific sound of Bad Bubble intertwines eighties nostalgia with cosmic ambient escapism; the ethereal tones, the sheer passionate intensity and juxtaposed lyrical vulnerability of his vocals intertwining across a rich tapestry of stories.

With complex lyrical meanderings and long-form melodies backed by four, five and even six-part harmonies, Bad Bubble’s creative conviction is undeniable. His immense project now compiles hundreds of original songs; a meteoric rise that has inspired a generation of rising indie musicians. 

A producer by trade by also unorthodox in being primarily a multi-instrumentalist, Bad Bubble goes against the grain in more ways than one. Not a user of software, but a musician and songwriter – devoted to the authenticity of writing and performing from the soul.  

Relentlessly committed to the cause, inspired by the need to remember, and pay tribute to someone who mattered more than the world itself, Bad Bubble is a creative force to be reckoned with. His refusal to take ‘no’ for an answer has meant that even without support or resources, without mentorship or guidance, he has built up an unrivalled name. The creative process was the learning curve, and with each new release, some new chapter of his powerful story revealed itself. 

Not leaving anything to chance, Bad Bubble is an embodiment of an idea and image that stands tall in the face of life’s most devastating challenges. Renowned for his smooth production skills and fearlessly confronting lyrics, Bad Bubble is a self-contained entrepreneur of the musical realm. While the majority of his extensive collection of work was written between 2021 and 2023, the experiences that inspired it, and the sincere and unwavering attention to detail utilised, is all years in the making. Everything from the image to the name, the font chosen, the colour coding and the instrumentation breathes clear identity and originality into the modern music scene. 

His name is thoughtfully youthful, while the font is purposefully regal and executive. His use of squares reinforces the stability and father-like dependability of his existence. Purple is the colour of his past – darker than most, but not black; not unsalvageable. Heartache and loneliness have been unforgiving weights on the shoulders of an artist with an inherent need to connect and to celebrate love. There is life left here still, colours waiting to brighten the space – rhythm and beauty eager to embrace a world lost in its own uncertainty. 

His legacy is his gift to Her, a venture into which Bad Bubble has poured his life savings and his every waking moment. The results are extraordinary, and speak volumes on behalf of the feeling, focus and ferocity of a man with music and a mission in his heart. 

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